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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a unique form of exercise developed over 90 years ago by Joseph Pilates used to strengthen the body’s deep core. Most peoplehave heard of mat work or mat classes, but what most people don’t know is that there is a whole other world using specialized Pilates equipment with hundreds of exercises to explore. Pilates improves posture, lung capacity, increases energy levels and decreases stress.

What is Beyond the Movement?

Beyond the Movement is the very first Podcast dedicated to the Pilates Method. Your host, Heidi Miller has an extensive fitness background and has dedicated herself to her Pilates studio and her many students. While teaching, Heidi has recognized the need to inform and inspire. She has an intuitive understanding of the mechanics of the body and a passion for helping others to unlock their body's potential. Pilates is based on movement, but after only a few sessions, most people begin to understand that Pilates can be so much more than movement alone. This Podcast is dedicated to providing insight and exploration into the body's awakening as you progress beyond the movement.

We Can't Do This Without You.

Beyond the movement is not a lecture. It is a discussion. It is an online community for anyone and everyone interested in Pilates. Beginners. Professionals. Listen. Respond. Get inspired and most importantly get moving! Subscribe to the Podcast then visit the contact page. Send Heidi an email, a voicemail or a letter. This community is for you so be an active part of it!